Dormer Loft Conversions – How Beneficial Is It for Your Property?

dormer loft conversion

Demand for space-efficient and convenient living solutions has been increasing, especially in urban locations. Are you thinking of investing in a new property? If you have an unused loft space on your property, you’ll get a practical and financially viable solution with professional dormer loft conversions.

Connect with Loft Life and transform your cramped loft space into a usable and functional option. With expert advice, raise your property’s financial value instantly. We will measure your loft and help you with dormer loft design considerations.

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How can a dormer loft conversion benefit you?

Get maximum usable space

If you’re longing for additional space in your property, then a dormer loft conversion is a good option. Hire expert loft conversion specialists from Loft Life, and with a dormer conversion, get an extra bedroom, home office or even a recreational area. We help you use every extra space and corner of the loft efficiently. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today.

Get a financial evaluation of the property

Now, you can fetch more sale prices for your property with just a simple loft conversion. Dormer lofts are appealing and add to the aesthetics of the house. Moreover, you are getting a new room on your property. Eventually, the potential buyers will agree to pay a higher price for the property. Are you planning on selling your property later? Then contact Loft Life now and get professional dormer loft extensions to raise the value of your property.

Get a maximum inflow of natural light

Lofts are mundane and murky corners of the house. This is a common misconception among many homeowners. However, with dormer lofts, you can shade this misconception. At Loft Life, our specialists add big windows to allow natural light and air into the loft. Get a brighter and pleasant-looking loft that you can use for any purpose.

Get high energy efficiency room

Are you worried about the additional electricity bills for your new loft room? Dormer lofts are an answer to all your worries. They are properly insulated and ventilated. So you don’t need to add extra lights, fans and ACs to the loft and raise the electricity bills. Rather than going to a new room, a dormer loft will save you money.

Get rid of traditional home extension costs

The most convenient reason behind opting for a dormer loft conversion is that you do not need to spend on a home extension project. A home extension is costly and messy. Get in touch with Loft Life for quick and hassle-free loft conversions instead. No need to waste time on construction work. The dormer loft will serve your purpose of a new room.

If you need a new room, contact Loft Life for all types of customised loft conversions in Croydon. If dormer conversion is not possible, we will check the type of loft you have and suggest the type of conversion you need.

Do you want to know more about the type of loft conversions? Book our services and call us to get quotes on different types of loft conversions.

Extension Or Loft Conversion- Where You Are Thinking To Invest?

loft conversions in Beckenham

When you consider home renovation, many options come to mind. Among them, the question is whether to invest in extension or loft conversion. Both of them have pros and cons, so you need to decide carefully.

Loft conversion is a time-saving and hassle-free option. However, if you need extra space, an extension is preferable.

If you want to do loft conversions in Beckenham, approach professionals working in this field for years, like Loft Life. They will help you with various loft conversions to fit your space.

Home Extension or Loft Conversion- Which One to Choose

1. Construction Process

The construction process for the loft is easier than the home extension. Lofts are present already in the house.

Hence, you do not need any legal formalities. You can add a few windows around the loft to make it a room. Thus, it takes less time to construct.

On the other hand, when considering a home extension, it takes much longer to construct. It involves legal formalities and paperwork.

2. Space Availabilities

The loft conversion is done with a low amount of space. You can easily convert it into a room—all you need to do is check the headspace available at that moment for making the loft.

However, when you make a home extension, you must have enough backside or rare end space in the property. Or else the extension is not possible.

3. Varieties Available

The loft conversion is available in different types. You can select roof light and dormer varieties.

When considering house extensions, there are so many variations available. You can pick either the front, rear, or side house extension. It is made as per the space availability and legal formalities.

If you want a loft conversion and are looking for an expert who will help you, consulting the team from Loft Life is the right choice.

Essential Steps in Loft Conversion

Planning is the first step in loft construction. It would help if you discussed the ideas with the builder first. You need to know the purpose why you are building a new loft.

The next stage is the preparation of loft construction. Now, the builder will make essential preparations for the loft. You need to decide on a start date. The professionals will start the construction process once all the preliminary work is planned.

Once the basic construction is made, the builder will apply plaster, make the ceilings, and apply a paint coat to ensure smoothness.

Loft Life is based in London and offers the best loft conversions. You can consult the team now if you want the best loft construction. Call us now to get a free quote on a loft conversion.

Popular And Trending Loft Conversion Ideas That You Can Avail

loft conversion ideas

In recent years, loft conversions have gained immense popularity for homeowners looking to get more space without investing in house extensions. With time, the trends in loft conversion have changed. When you hire a professional for a loft conversion in Lewisham, you will come across various popular and trending loft conversion options that you can apply to your unused lofts. Here are a few loft conversion ideas that you can try for your unused lofts. Check them out and decide the best option for your loft.

What are the five popular loft conversion ideas?

Bringing natural light indoors

The most popular trend for loft conversion nowadays is to maximise the amount of natural light in the lofts. Since most of the lofts are small and situated in a dark corner of the house, the professionals install large skylights or roof windows to allow natural light sources into the space during the conversion. This also allows the homeowners to brighten up the loft and get stunning views of the outside.

Creating hybrid spaces

How do you want to use the loft? Currently, homeowners are trying to create hybrid loft spaces that can be used for various functions. These spaces are being designed flexibly so that they can be changed and accommodated as per the needs of the homeowners. For instance, a loft nowadays is being designed to be used as a guest bedroom or even a home office area at the same time. By installing folding furniture and movable partitions, different spaces within the same loft room can be created. So with a single type of conversion, you can now use the loft as per your requirement for whatever you need.

Using smart technology for the loft conversion

The use of smart technology in loft conversion is a popular trend nowadays. With endless possibilities for technology transformation, homeowners are adding smart home systems, voice-controlled lighting systems and even automatic blinds into the lofts. This makes the lofts more attractive and functional compared to the simple rooms.

Using patterns and textures

Bold Patterns and textures are nowadays being used in loft conversions. The loft’s aesthetics can be instantly changed by using attractive wallpapers, geometric tiles, and floral prints. You can also use textured wall panels, soft velvety upholstery and wooden furniture to flaunt luxury inside the loft-converted room. So when you walk into a loft room, you will no longer feel outside the house. It instantly becomes an integral part of the house.

Making eco-friendly loft conversions

Many homeowners prefer using recycling materials like repurposed furniture or wooden flooring to make an eco-friendly loft conversion. Moreover, they can save electricity by allowing natural light and air sources into the loft. Building eco-friendly lofts has been the most popular trend among homeowners. This also increases the house’s financial value in case you plan to sell it in the coming days.

For a professionally designed bespoke loft conversion, contact Loft Life. We have 25 years of experience in providing different types of loft conversion services.

Choose Bespoke Loft Conversions & Make Your Attic Kid-Friendly

Bespoke Loft Conversion

Are you a soon-to-be parent? Or, do you have growing teenagers in your family who needs a room to themselves? If so, choosing a  loft conversions in South London can be a good choice for home improvement. Are you wondering how to ensure your attic conversion is child-friendly? Check out the guide below.

Many homes throughout the UK are going for loft conversions and this makes complete sense. Hiring loft specialists is the ideal way to get additional space while avoiding the stress of house relocation. Also, it’s cheaper to convert the attic of your house into a valuable space instead of moving into a new home. But, just like all the other rooms in your house, you need to consider the safety of your children.
Here’s how you can make your attic conversion kid-friendly.

loft conversion specialists london

Loft Conversions In South London: 4 Tips To Make Your Loft Child-Friendly

  1. Stairs

No attic conversion is complete without a staircase. Stairs are essential for accessibility reasons. But, they pose a certain kind of risk to kids who aren’t steady on their feet. Since they are often susceptible to occasional tumble, you need to be careful. Consider putting stair-gates at the top and bottom of your new staircase. Keep in mind this is an essential consideration.

  1. Furniture

An amazing aspect of choosing a  bespoke loft conversions in Hither Green is deciding on the decor of your room. And, when you are converting the loft for your children, ensure it has some influence over your choices. Avoid furnishings which are weak or are easy to knock over since this can cause injury to your child. You should even be wary of foldable furnishings since over enthusiastic use by children can lead to its collapse.

  1. Windows

It is vital to bring light to your new space and attic, conversions are incomplete without skylights. To make your loft room kid-friendly, try to place these windows out of the reach of children. Make sure no furniture is positioned below which a child can use as a climbing frame. You should also watch out for cords hanging from blinds since they can be hazardous for children. If possible, try and select cordless blinds.

  1. Soundproofing

Do you intend to use your loft room as a bedroom or playroom for your child? The chances are that it won’t be a quiet room. So, it’s worth investigating how you can soundproof your attic conversion. Use tricks like hanging thick curtains or laying down thick carpets to soundproof your attic space.
Whether you live in a period property or a contemporary house, loft conversion specialists in London can help. So what are you still thinking of? Approach the specialists and make your attic conversion child-friendly