Our Design and Build Process

Here at Loft Life, we want the best for you, and that’s why we have a seamless design and build process. This streamlined approach enables Loft Life to deliver functionally and visually stunning loft conversions that exceed customer expectations. Our 5-star reputation stems directly from this level of quality control on each and every project, large or small. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing the integrity of the design and timely craftsmanship will result in a bespoke loft you’ll absolutely love.
Free Quote and
Contract and Written Agreement
Planning, Design and Building Regulations
Follow Up Survey and Completion

The First step to getting a new loft conversion is a site survey. This is something that we offer FREE of charge here at Loft Life. This gives us the opportunity to visit your property and complete a survey to assess the possibilities and advise on what we think would be the best type of conversion and layout for your property. We will also take any essential measurements needed to help put together your quote.

This site survey also gives us a chance to talk to you about your plans and ideas. We can find out exactly how we can help you, what you want to get from your conversion and what you want it to look like. Once we have everything we need, we can then give you your FREE quote. You can start that process here.

After we have completed your site survey and inspection, taken all relevant measurements and agreed on how your loft conversion will look, we will draw up a contract. This contract will have all the details of your new conversion, quote, terms and conditions, timeline and warranty information. If you are happy with everything, you can sign this contract, and we can then get into the planning process.

Once you have agreed on your price and type of conversion, we will start the planning process. Our in-house specialist design team will be there to help draw up the plans so you can begin to envision exactly how it will look.

During this planning and design stage, we will also help with any structural calculations. We will also look into building control and regulations for your property. We will need to ensure that our plans and ideas for your conversion meet all of these regulations and that we have sorted any planning permission if necessary. We will also look at the Party Wall. This is something that is needed if your home is built with a wall connecting to another property. All of these things need to be addressed and planned before construction starts.

Once all the plans have been checked against all building control regulations, we can begin construction. Now, you can see how our plans and your ideas get turned into a reality. The timeline will vary from customer to customer as every build will be different, but the timescale will be agreed in your contract. Our team will keep you updated with the progress of the build throughout to ensure that your project keeps to the agreed schedule. This is the most exciting part of the build process, and we can’t wait for you to see your new conversion.

Once your build has been completed, we will ensure that you are happy with every element. Before we sign the conversion off, we ensure that you are given all the relevant certifications, your 10-year warranty information and building control completion certificates. With one company overseeing both the design and physical construction, miscommunications leading to errors is eliminated. Start your Loft Life loft conversion today!