New Build loft conversion in Bromley
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New Build Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are a popular way to add extra living space to a home, but what about new build properties – can you convert the loft in a new home? The short answer is yes, loft conversions are certainly possible in new build houses and bungalows.

One of the benefits of doing a loft conversion in a new build is that you’ll be working with a pristine, untouched loft space. As the property is brand new, there will likely be fewer issues with things like damp, leaks, warped beams, or other problems that can sometimes complicate conversions in older properties.

New Build loft Conversion in London
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Structurally, newly built loft spaces are also well suited for conversions as modern building regulations mean that the roof structure should be able to handle any additional weight and load from a conversion. It’s still important to have an engineer survey the space and confirm everything is suitable.

Planning permission rules are the same for new builds as normal properties. So as long as your loft conversion adheres to standard building regulations in terms of height, dormers, windows, etc then consent shouldn’t be too problematic. And as you won’t be changing the overall footprint of the property, new builds are often considered prime candidates for permitted development rights.

Overall, the process for adding a loft conversion to a new property will be similar to a standard conversion project. However, working in a pristine roof space and with a structure designed to modern building standards can make the conversion journey a little bit smoother. If you have just moved into a newly built property and are looking to expand your space with a loft conversion, contact Loft Life, your local loft specialist. We are here to help transform your home. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about our recent work and projects.

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