Top 5 Considerations If You are Estimating an Idea of Loft Conversion for Your Property

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Top 5 Considerations If You are Estimating an Idea of Loft Conversion for Your Property

It can be well said that loft conversions can enhance your property valuation by 10%. That’s the reason people go ahead with investing in lofts as the idea often leads to financial gains.  It is only about keeping a few considerations in account, as otherwise, it might not turn out to be a real fruitful opportunity. Here is a brief discussion on the most critical factors as you have decided to move on with your plan of a loft conversion in Croydon.

Top Five Considerations to Make Loft Conversion a Profitable Investment

Have a Clear Idea of the Space The most crucial part in the entire planning is to understand if the loft on the verge of conversion will fit into your space. Seeking the advice of prominent interior designers will help you to have a clear idea about whether your expectations are feasible. You must understand that after putting the loft in, the space should not lose its usual charm. For instance, if you are installing the loft in a bedroom and after it is done, you can barely stand in the room, then it would be a grave mistake for sure. It is essential to leave 2.5 m of vertical space to have the headroom. The floor space should also be taken into consideration as some space is required to fit the stairs leading to the bedroom. The stairs should rise from an existing staircase or a hallway.  The attic space should be understood well, and it needs to be seen what is there in reality, and if there is something, then that needs to be moved to some other location. Loft Conversion specialists South East London Getting the Approvals To go ahead with your planning for loft conversions you need to get approvals from the right authority as that’s mandatory under Building Regulations. If you are only extending your roof, then you need to obtain permission for planning. Otherwise, it is not so important to seek approval. It would help if you had the entire plan sanctioned by the Building Regulation authority before getting in touch with a builder. This will reduce your risk, and you can have the actual quote from the builder and not a mere estimate. If you are living in a semi-detached or terraced property, then it is also a must to notify your neighbours about the construction as per the Party Wall Act 1996. A building Control Officer will keep inspecting the work at various stages and will issue a certificate after inspection at completion. Considerations Related to the Roof The essential difference between any other room and a loft is that the ceiling of any bedroom is another roof. That’s the reason the pitch of the roof needs to be considered, and as per regulation, it should not be less than 30°. The next considerations happen to be the internal struts supporting the roof of the loft.  They need to be replaced with struts that are less imposing. Apart from that, the joists you have on the ceiling won’t be appropriate for the new floor. New floor joists need to be installed along with the ones that belong to the roof. Lighting Arrangement The loft needs to have the right options to let in light. You can have skylights or dormer windows. You can choose as per your requirement or based on the ease of construction. If the windows are at the backside of the property, then planning permission is not mandatory.  Any development in the front will require one. Insulation Facility It would be great to keep an insulation facility in the roof as that will keep the house warm by holding the heat in. This will lead to savings in terms of energy cost. Keeping the above points in mind while you have taken an initiative of loft conversion in Croydon will offer you with a valued return. Loft Life is a loft conversion specialist in Croydon and will provide you with an option of customized lofts matching your requirement perfectly.

Is Planning Permission Needed When Choosing a Loft Conversion?

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Is Planning Permission Needed When Choosing a Loft Conversion?

Do you wish to make transformational home improvements anytime soon? Opting for high-end loft conversions in South London is the key to adding an excellent dimension to your house.  Converting your attic into a new habitable space can enhance the appeal as well increase the value of your house. Wondering if you need planning permission or building regulations approval? Read on. For most loft or attic conversions, seeking planning permission isn’t required. This is because they usually fall under permitted development rights. However, you need permission when altering or extending the roof space, and it exceeds the specified conditions and limits. Additionally, you’ll have to follow strict building regulations to ensure your work is done safely. But, how do you ensure your loft conversion meets the essential criteria? Here’s all you need to know about planning permission.

When Do Bespoke Loft Conversions In South London Fall Under Permitted Development?

loft conversions service london Permitted development covers your new loft conversion work only if-
  • The loft space should not exceed 40 cubic metres for a terraced house.
  • The attic space should not exceed 50 cubic meters in a semi-detachedor detached houses.
  • The extension does not exceed the highest part of your existing roof slope
  • The conversion plan does not include any balcony, veranda or anything of this nature
  • The roof extension cannot overhang the wall or roof of the house
  • Any materials used are similar or same aswhat’s already used on your house’s exterior
  • Your house isn’t located in designated areas. These include national parks, conservation areas, areas of exceptional natural beauty and World Heritage Sites.
  • Side-facing windows should be obscure-glazed and at least 1.7 m above the ground

How Long Does It Take To Seek Planning Permission?

Be it a period property or a modern house, seeking planning permission is a vital aspect of loft conversions in Bromley. Your local planning authority should make a decision on your planning application as quickly as possible. For straightforward applications, the local planning authorities should not take more than eight weeks to make a decision. On the other hand, they should not take more than thirteen weeks for specifically complex or large applications.

Loft Conversions In Bromley: Building Regulations Approval

What building regulations you need depends on the type of extension you are planning for your property. These include-
  • Creating A Habitable Space
Do you wish to convert your attic into a liveable space? If you want to use it as a normal part of your house, seeking building regulations approval is essential. Typically, full conversions need several alterations, which might affect the building’s original structural integrity. Following building regulations can ensure neither the occupants nor the building is at risk.
  • Creating A Space For Storage
If you wish to convert your attic into storage space, seeking building regulations approval might be needed. Usually, the timber joists which act as the floor of your loft isn’t designed for supporting significant weight. Building regulations approval is required for ensuring safety. Quickly seek planning permission and building regulations approval for your extension. Time to approach the best loft conversion specialists in London!

Choose Bespoke Loft Conversions & Make Your Attic Kid-Friendly

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Choose Bespoke Loft Conversions & Make Your Attic Kid-Friendly

Are you a soon-to-be parent? Or, do you have growing teenagers in your family who needs a room to themselves? If so, choosing a  loft conversions in South London can be a good choice for home improvement. Are you wondering how to ensure your attic conversion is child-friendly? Check out the guide below. Many homes throughout the UK are going for loft conversions and this makes complete sense. Hiring loft specialists is the ideal way to get additional space while avoiding the stress of house relocation. Also, it’s cheaper to convert the attic of your house into a valuable space instead of moving into a new home. But, just like all the other rooms in your house, you need to consider the safety of your children. Here’s how you can make your attic conversion kid-friendly. loft conversion specialists london

Loft Conversions In South London: 4 Tips To Make Your Loft Child-Friendly

  1. Stairs
No attic conversion is complete without a staircase. Stairs are essential for accessibility reasons. But, they pose a certain kind of risk to kids who aren’t steady on their feet. Since they are often susceptible to occasional tumble, you need to be careful. Consider putting stair-gates at the top and bottom of your new staircase. Keep in mind this is an essential consideration.
  1. Furniture
An amazing aspect of choosing a  bespoke loft conversions in Hither Green is deciding on the decor of your room. And, when you are converting the loft for your children, ensure it has some influence over your choices. Avoid furnishings which are weak or are easy to knock over since this can cause injury to your child. You should even be wary of foldable furnishings since over enthusiastic use by children can lead to its collapse.
  1. Windows
It is vital to bring light to your new space and attic, conversions are incomplete without skylights. To make your loft room kid-friendly, try to place these windows out of the reach of children. Make sure no furniture is positioned below which a child can use as a climbing frame. You should also watch out for cords hanging from blinds since they can be hazardous for children. If possible, try and select cordless blinds.
  1. Soundproofing
Do you intend to use your loft room as a bedroom or playroom for your child? The chances are that it won’t be a quiet room. So, it’s worth investigating how you can soundproof your attic conversion. Use tricks like hanging thick curtains or laying down thick carpets to soundproof your attic space. Whether you live in a period property or a contemporary house, loft conversion specialists in London can help. So what are you still thinking of? Approach the specialists and make your attic conversion child-friendly