Dormer Loft Conversions – How Beneficial Is It for Your Property?

dormer loft conversion

Demand for space-efficient and convenient living solutions has been increasing, especially in urban locations. Are you thinking of investing in a new property? If you have an unused loft space on your property, you’ll get a practical and financially viable solution with professional dormer loft conversions.

Connect with Loft Life and transform your cramped loft space into a usable and functional option. With expert advice, raise your property’s financial value instantly. We will measure your loft and help you with dormer loft design considerations.

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How can a dormer loft conversion benefit you?

Get maximum usable space

If you’re longing for additional space in your property, then a dormer loft conversion is a good option. Hire expert loft conversion specialists from Loft Life, and with a dormer conversion, get an extra bedroom, home office or even a recreational area. We help you use every extra space and corner of the loft efficiently. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today.

Get a financial evaluation of the property

Now, you can fetch more sale prices for your property with just a simple loft conversion. Dormer lofts are appealing and add to the aesthetics of the house. Moreover, you are getting a new room on your property. Eventually, the potential buyers will agree to pay a higher price for the property. Are you planning on selling your property later? Then contact Loft Life now and get professional dormer loft extensions to raise the value of your property.

Get a maximum inflow of natural light

Lofts are mundane and murky corners of the house. This is a common misconception among many homeowners. However, with dormer lofts, you can shade this misconception. At Loft Life, our specialists add big windows to allow natural light and air into the loft. Get a brighter and pleasant-looking loft that you can use for any purpose.

Get high energy efficiency room

Are you worried about the additional electricity bills for your new loft room? Dormer lofts are an answer to all your worries. They are properly insulated and ventilated. So you don’t need to add extra lights, fans and ACs to the loft and raise the electricity bills. Rather than going to a new room, a dormer loft will save you money.

Get rid of traditional home extension costs

The most convenient reason behind opting for a dormer loft conversion is that you do not need to spend on a home extension project. A home extension is costly and messy. Get in touch with Loft Life for quick and hassle-free loft conversions instead. No need to waste time on construction work. The dormer loft will serve your purpose of a new room.

If you need a new room, contact Loft Life for all types of customised loft conversions in Croydon. If dormer conversion is not possible, we will check the type of loft you have and suggest the type of conversion you need.

Do you want to know more about the type of loft conversions? Book our services and call us to get quotes on different types of loft conversions.

What To Consider: Loft Conversions Service

So, you are ready to undergo a loft conversion and to finally get that additional space you’ve been wanting. Not only that, the decision to invest in your home and increase your property’s value is a smart move. But, having your loft converted isn’t something you should rush into. It is a big an important home improvement project, there are numerous vital aspects which you must consider before going ahead with any loft conversion project!
Getting your loft converted by a reputed specialist can be a significant investment. Not only can a bespoke loft conversion provide you with the extra room which you have been seeking, but it can also add value to your home. For this reason, more and more homeowners are now opting for loft room extension in London. But, it is only when you keep a few vital aspects in mind can you make the most of your converted roof.
Below are a few key considerations which you need to take into account when getting your loft converted!
loft conversions service london

Loft Conversions Service In London: 4 Vital Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Specialist

  1. Understand Your Space

The foremost factor which you must take into account is whether you can actually fit in the roof once it gets converted. Ask your specialist to give you a clear idea of what to expect from the project. This is important especially for head height since a bedroom which you can’t stand up straight in is unappealing. Remember; understanding space in the loft is important and a professional team can advise on the best layouts and  loft design type to choose.

  1. Seek Approval

Under the Building Regulations, you will need approval for all types of conversions in your loft. Though getting planning permission is not required unless you are getting your roof space extended, it is recommended to check with your local planning department. Having a full plan approved with the Building Regulations before approaching any specialist can be in your best interest and save you time further down the line.

  1. Think About Lighting

No matter whether you are opting for dormer or L shape loft conversion in Bromley, getting adequate light into your new space is essential. Waking up to a pitch dark bedroom every day Is not appealing, putting in windows is an essential part of the design. You may go with a skylight which has the benefit of fitting in between roof rafters, without too many structural alterations. You might prefer dormer windows which offer increased usable space and headroom.

  1. Consider The Roof

Another important aspect which you need to consider before beginning work on your loft is the pitch of the roof. Additionally, you need to keep in mind the internal support struts which support the roof in the loft. Ensure these are replaced with less imposing struts to make space for the new room. Make sure the floor joists are put in alongside the ceiling ones.
Since you are now aware of the essential considerations, are you ready to find a reputed loft specialist and opt for loft conversions service in London? Time to improve your way of life by having your loft converted!